La Paz: Alexander Coffee, Potosi

We begin in the highest capital city in the world. And then we ascend.

A young couple meet me on the street and offer to show me an interesting, historic club. When we arrive the club is locked. They knock and someone comes to open the door. We sit in an unlit bar area and he orders three mimosas. As I sip my mimosa I contemplate which aspect of this situation carries the most risk. Will I contract Hepatitis from the ice cubes? Has my drink been drugged? Has this couple lured me to a locked, unlit club in order to rob me? I tell them I need to go. The price of my departure is a bag of coffee that I buy from them for ten times the reasonable rate.

I am present. I am in the moment. I am in the woodgrain of this tabletop. I am unstuck in time.