La Paz: El Mercado de las Brujas

Ben buys an alpaca foetus in el Mercado de las Brujas. After some negotiation he is permitted to take it on his flight from La Paz; however it is confiscated at his transfer in Atlanta.

Jim is flying back to LA with some of his mother’s ashes in his carry-on bag. Airport security spots something suspicious. They ask Jim to step aside so they can question him. They open the container, peer inside and ask Jim what it is. When he responds “my mother’s ashes” they become uncharacteristically discomposed as they quickly reseal the ashes and place them gingerly back in Jim’s bag.

Wandering the hills outside the city I discover a discarded antler. I pack it in my bag and return home with it, vaguely concerned that I may be breaking a law by doing so.