Iqaluit: Nunavut Wildlife Management Board

I ask someone for help finding building 1104D. He struggles until he realizes I’m looking for NWMB. “It’s right in that building. You can go in that door and you’ll find them.” The woman at reception confirms they were in the Parnaivik building when I worked there. When I mention Jim Noble she says “He’s still kicking around. Do you want to talk to him?”

An Inuit man and his wife come into the office selling woodblock prints and CDs. I buy one of each. I’m hopeful that the CD will feature traditional Inuit songs, perhaps some throat singing. Instead it is full of Christian gospel songs with the typical drums, electric guitar and bass that you’d hear in any Pentecostal church down south.

I struggle for the longest time trying to determine whether “caribou” and “reindeer” are two names for the same animal. It turns out that they are the same species but caribou live wild in North America and Greenland while reindeer are domesticated and live in Eurasia. I also learn that a group of ravens is called an unkindness.