Zagreb: Tkalciceva

Geneva I walk past an endless series of restaurants and bars with outdoor seating. Music and laughter compete for attention. There is undeniably a feeling of joy and youthful abandon yet a doorway stacked with sandbags is a reminder of the recent past and a warning of the potential threat.

It is here on Tkalciceva that I most regret being alone, feeling too self-conscious to enjoy eating or drinking on my own. I am a voyeur in the early evening hours before heading to the apartment to eat in front of the television.

My school puts on events called Friday Nighters. We get together to play sports. The boys play their sports and the girls play their sports. Then we all get together for a dance. This is the last Friday Nighter of the year and the last one before we move on to highschool. I am determined to finally ask a girl to dance. I have put it off until the very last song of the night and I have my eye on Janice Maxner. Just as the song begins and I take a few steps toward Janice, Robbie Cann steps in and asks her to dance. I stand and watch the two of them slow dance.