Zagreb: Dolac Market

Geneva Doug is a fish biologist. He studies the impact on fish of aquatic habitat disruption. He loves to go fishing with his buddies. So when I bring a large Arctic char for the meal at Dee’s place I assume that Doug will know the secret to cooking it, and that he will also enjoy eating it. It turns out Doug actually doesn’t like to eat fish and never cooks it. He enjoys the sport of fishing but doesn’t care to eat what he catches. So I struggle through the process of roasting the char and then watch Doug poke at his dinner with distaste.

This is the first time I have invited Joyce to have dinner at my place. I have made a Scotch broth and she seems to be enjoying it until she pauses and asks what the meat is. I tell her it is lamb. She looks like she is going to retch and says “I don’t eat lamb.”

We plan to meet Nat for dinner at a little seafood restaurant next to Dolac Market. I get a text from Nat saying “Alas, I’ve done my usual Saturday exercise of getting drunk before the sun goes down.”