Geneva: Le Lyrique

Geneva Maria is Italian. Her husband, Peter, is Scottish. They met in Russia but now live in Grand Saconnex. Their two young daughters converse fluidly in Italian, English, Russian and French, slipping from one language to another often in mid-sentence. Excited to have a guest in the house, the younger daughter jabbers at me incessantly until Maria tells her to leave poor Wayne alone. The little girl looks at me and says “Povera Wayne!” I am entrusted with their home while they are away with my only responsibility being to water Maria’s plants. Maria never speaks to me again after returning home to find her plants desiccated.

Peter takes soil from Maria’s pots and uses it to create the Golem. I travel with the Golem and he keeps me in a constant state of confusion. At times he is a victim; at times he is a villain; often he is both.