Geneva: Bar du Nord

Geneva She comes across his journal and finds documented there details of his infidelity. When she confronts him he claims it was merely an exercise in creative writing. She believes him until it becomes impossible to deny the truth; then she forgives him.

Under his black linen jacket Tom is wearing a white t-shirt with a photo of Dennis Hopper. Gerome, the bartender at Bar du Nord, bonds with Tom over their shared enthusiasm for Dennis Hopper. Gerome recommends a fifteen-year-old Laphroaig. That’s when things begin to go in the wrong direction.

They have been busy preparing for the move into their new house. On the eve of their move she tells him that she is moving alone. He moves back to his mother’s house, weaker and more vulnerable.

I have a bad habit of sensing that it’s time to leave and then just leaving. That’s what I do this evening; however, I take a wrong turn somewhere and end up in France.