Geneva: Parc la Grange

Geneva My uncle asks me what I thought of the football game. I shake my head in an attempt to silently suggest “wow, that was something.” Uncle Cyril says “Don’t just shake your head; say something.” I blush and anger and distance myself from Uncle Cyril.

We are seated at the diningroom table with guests. My dad takes out a five dollar bill and waves it at me. He says “I’ll give you five dollars if you’ll yell.” Then he turns to the guests. “Even for money he won’t speak.” I run from the room in tears.

I ask about her family, whether she has any siblings. I ask how long she has lived in Geneva. I ask about her relationship with Jacky. I ask what it is like to work for Hans. She winces, looks out over Parc la Grange and says “You know, conversation is more than just asking questions.”

Sitting by the fort, looking out on the lake, we watch with delight while their kites strain as if to break free.