Accra: Shangri-la

Accra We return from Ho to find that there are no rooms at the Nogahil Hotel where we have been staying. We seek temporary refuge at the Shangri-la. Although there are palm trees throughout Accra there is something about the palm trees here in the hotel compound that makes them seem like an artificial Disney affectation. We hear the Shangri-la is known for having the best Chinese restaurant in Accra so we go there for dinner. We spend the rest of the evening researching parasitic worms in the internet cafe.

The Shangri-la is torn down and replaced with a modern hotel and shopping mall funded through Chinese investment.

There are generally no addresses in Ghana. Or where addresses exist, they are largely meaningless to people. Even street names are inconsistent and irrelevant. Locations are identified by their neighbourhood and nearby landmarks, as in “Kokomlemle behind the Training College.” Emilia tells me that when she orders Uber she has to go through a long description including the colours of houses where the driver needs to turn.