Accra: Oxford Street

Accra We are walking up Oxford Street, the most commercial part of Accra, and I am thinking about how tired I am of eating the same things at our hotel. I suggest to Robin that we find something to eat before heading back to the hotel. She says no, she doesn’t want to. I fall into an unreasonable snit. We hardly talk on the journey back to the hotel and to our separate rooms. I end up ordering chicken and beans from room service.

“Why are you so humble? I have never known an older person to be so humble.”

We have just left Chicken Republic when the skies release a huge downpour. We dash across the street to take shelter at the gas station. Huddled there it is hard not to recall the recent explosion at the gas station at Atomic Junction. It is curious that fast food outlets and gas stations always seem to be in close proximity in Accra.