Accra: Nogahil Hotel

Accra Spencer refuses to stay at a hotel that doesn’t have an outdoor bar. “I’m not coming all the way to Africa to sit in an air-conditioned bar.”

Robin and I watch the same television shows in our separate rooms. The next morning we compare notes. Robin describes almost every show as “scary” especially the one where the man is trapped in a pit and can’t get Rah Rah Rasputin out of his mind.

I order rice and beans. Robin orders the same thing only to be told that they had just enough for one order. Robin has pizza or egg rolls. This happens repeatedly.

Kwame Nkruma was a strong advocate of pan-Africanism. Kwame is the name for a boy born on a Saturday. We need a name for a woman who dies in January. Her name was Kerry and she was 46. She left him with two young children. Her name was Andrea and she was 34. She left him with a young daughter.