Ottawa: The Prescott

ottawa Shawn O’Sullivan, suffering brain damage from repeated blows to his head, is reported missing. He is described as vulnerable and confused. Thieves had broken into his apartment and stolen boxing memorabilia.

I wake groggily in the middle of the night, vaguely aware of an alien noise filling my bachelor apartment. As I become fully awake I realize a bat is zig-zagging through my airspace. Startled and disoriented I dash out of the apartment. Only when I am standing, undressed in the hallway, does it occur to me that I have locked myself out.

Wyn and I meet at the Prescott to drink draft beer and watch Shawn O’Sullivan’s fight. After a few glasses of beer his name becomes Sawn O’Shovellin.

Amongst the comic books and tea cups I find a single boxing glove signed by Shawn O’Sullivan.