Ottawa: St Paul University

ottawa I come here to St Paul University when I’m not on site at the UN. For a while I worked at home at a desk I set up in the basement. But I’ve never liked living and working in the same space. It’s like sleeping in the clothes you had on all day. Plus, Ben gets back from school around 3:30, often bringing friends home. So this is where I return each day to do my work.

I scan the book spines that surround me.
Corpus Consuetudinum Monasticarum.
Christianity and Islam in Spain.
The Counter-Reformation in the Villages.
Les Liturgies Populaires.
Beginning Biblical Hebrew.

I go to the public internet computer to check my email. There is a message from Catherine. “A plane has just flown into the World Trade Centre.” I rush home to give Catherine a teary embrace just before we see, on television, the second plane make impact.

A young French couple are here in New York while the wife completes an assignment with UNICEF. The husband drops off their child at day care. As he leaves the building he sees a plane fly into one of the towers overhead. He immediately returns to the day care centre. As he is leaving with the child in his arms the second plane collides with the second tower. His wife looks down. She looks down from midtown. She looks down trying to see them through the destruction and chaos.