London: Kipps Lane

london “It’s all Maya’s fault!”
“No, Mama, it’s all Leo’s fault!”

Sad little window in a sad little basement bachelor aprtment in a sad little building.
I call Barb in Barrie. She tells me our relationship is over.
I take Barb’s plant off the windowsill and throw it out the sad little window.

I am just back from visiting Danny in the hospital for the last time. He is suffering. His belly is distended. The doctor is advising Dave and Nancy to think seriously about discontinuing treatment. It will only prolong his agony. Danny is desperately thirsty. They’ve been giving him little chips of ice as he’s not allowed to drink. It would only further distress his internal organs. Danny is pleading for another chip of ice. “Even just a little bit?”

My sad little window is open. I listen to the delighted squeals of children splashing in the pool.