London: Victoria Hospital

london All four members of my brother’s family are in Victoria Hospital at the same time. Dave went in for minor surgery but an error by the anaesthesiologist left him oxygen deprived and possibly brain damaged. His wife, Nancy, just gave birth to Michael. Their first son, Danny, is dying of cancer. Danny gets to meet his new baby brother, hold him in his arms, kiss the top of his head.

This is one of those times when Danny is able to return home, faint hope in all our hearts. I am on the floor with him putting together a race car set his dad has bought him. Danny pauses to look up at his dad and say “Dad, I’m the luckiest boy. I have everything.”

Michael is as old as Danny was when he died. Michael tells his mom “Dad took me to where my big brother is buried. We both bawled like babies.”

“Pocket” is okay. As are “carpet,” “park” and “tack.” But how do you depict “packet?”