Manhattan: West Village Sushi restaurant

manhattan I am in the West Village sitting by myself at the bar in a sushi restaurant. The waitress comes up to me and says “A gentleman would like to compliment you on your chopstick technique.” I look over my right shoulder and acknowledge the middle-aged Japanese man with a smile and a wave. A while later the waitress returns with three additional pieces of sushi explaining they are a gift from the gentleman. I acknowledge the man again and only as I am eating the sushi does it occur to me that the gentleman is hitting on me. I leave with one last smile and wave.

She spots a man at the bar wearing a smart powder blue suit. This alone distinguishes him from the regulars in the tavern. She is going to approach him and strike up a conversation but her friend stops her. “Don’t you know who that is?” The man in the suit is Allan Legere, a serial killer known as the Monster of the Miramichi.