Manhattan: Tompkins Square Park

manhattan Theo is a beagle who looks very excited to be coming to the park, straining at his owner’s leash. Once here, though, he seems rather timid. He never strays far from his owner, returning frequently after tentative forays to interact with other dogs. A dachshund in a red jacket seems intent on getting Theo in a headlock.

I return from school and can’t find Anuk anywhere. I ask my mother where he is. “Your father sold him. The deal was that you boys would look after Anuk if you wanted to keep him, and you haven’t been doing that.” Weeks later I am leaving for school and Anuk is there outside the house. He follows me to school. At the end of the day he is waiting for me at the school and follows me back home. My father calls the people who bought Anuk. They had not kept him but had in turn sold him to a nearby farmer. That farmer, when contacted, tells my father that Anuk had run off after being kicked by a cow. Despite being transfered to new homes twice, Anuk had found his way back to our house. My father returns Anuk to his new owner.

Smale is a Boston terrier who clearly does not know the word “come” even though it’s the only word his owner uses.