Toronto: Horseshoe Tavern

toronto We start playing table hockey at the Hockey Hall of Fame on our lunch breaks. James does the play-by-play over the intercom during the final match between John and Mark. Then we bring out the actual Stanley Cup and award it to the winner.

Tom and I are walking down Queen Street and Tom has to pee. We happen to be in front of the Horseshoe at the moment. I gesture toward it and say “at the end of the bar, on the left, just past the pool tables.” Tom looks at me incredulously. “Do you know every bar in this city?”

“If they had found my brother alone in his room they would have killed him. And it would have been legal.”

I come to the Horseshoe to see The Skydiggers. John and Lisa have made their way to the front of the room while I hang back on the periphery. Eventually I leave without saying goodbye. It is the last time I see Lisa before she dies.