Ottawa: James Street

ottawa I follow a unicorn down James Street.

We start at the James Street Feed Company. Chris and I are having a beer and watching hockey on the television. Chris is telling me about his adventures in the Republic of Georgia. We reminisce about his place in Chambésy where I lived for a month while Chris was back in Canada on his annual leave. We compare notes on the University of Guelph Library where Chris worked before taking a job with the United Nations. We debate the relative merits of hockey players, football players and baseball players as athletes.

Audrey and Jorge are hosting the annual street party a couple of blocks further west. The unicorn and I sit to listen to the local musicians for a while.

203 James Street. Danuszia is painting in the room over the garage that she uses as a studio. Danuszia is a magical woman. She emanates colour throughout the world. Her painting is a natural byproduct of her unique spirit.

Jane is somewhat obsessed with absolute darkness when she sleeps. She has taped heavy black fabric on the bedroom window. But there is a pinhole of light that creates a camera obscura on the ceiling. We are lying on our backs this morning watching the cars and pedestrians pass by on the street outside. The projected images are in full colour. “Look,” I say, “it’s a red car.”

I lied about the unicorn. The unicorn was never on James Street.