Toronto: Victory Cafe

toronto I’m standing outside the Victory giving John a hard time about his wedding plans. I’m being inconsiderate and unreasonable. John has just told me they have found a priest and a church. I’m mortified. “But John, you guys aren’t Christian and religion is evil. How can you do this?” John patiently explains about Anne’s family and their expectations. He also talks about Liberation Theology in Latin America as evidence that religion isn’t necessarily evil. I am having none of it.

I am honoured to read at John’s wedding. I sit by the lake practicing my lines. “These days you might feel a shaft of light make its way across your face.”

John and Anne are married in Coldwater. Near the church there is a man with a foot in Coldwater. He is enshrined in a small painting, given to Wayne. My wedding gift to John and Anne is a painting on a cupboard door featuring my maternal grandfather, their cottage window, and the lake. A small tree branch is attached with a hinge.