Toronto: Swatow

toronto I’m at the Swatow for a bowl of hot and sour soup. It arrives radioactive orange and viscous.

I see Mark across the street. I wave and then dart through traffic toward him. I see his partner, Alison, for the first time. She smiles as if she finds me vaguely amusing. Mark and Alison introduce me to the Swatow.

David introduces me to his brother, Kelly. Kelly takes us to an exclusive dance bar. Kelly convinces the doorman to let us in, bypassing the long line of people waiting to be admitted. I hide in the darkest corner I can find while coloured lights energetically scan the club, threatening to expose me. I meet David and Kathleen at the Swatow.

Wyn confesses that he doesn’t find East Asian babies to be attractive. I offend him when I jokingly accuse him of being a racist. Wyn and I share a large bowl of hot and sour soup at the Swatow.